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This is the other blog of mine.. Also an "acoustic-happy-guitarboy" blog. But here I provide the guitar chords and lyrics for my original songs and other requested songs.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Learn Guitar Online

Hey everyone out there.. Today im gonna tell you a secret to be a great guitarist in the world. Ayat pancing ni. You don't have to spend so much money to be a pro guitarist. Just be like me. I'm gonna give you lessons on how to be a cool guy just within a month. So what are you waiting for! Lets play guitar together. Learn how to compose a song and be a super macho guitarist like me!


Anonymous said...

encik mimpi...nak tab lagu selamat ulangtahun yg senang.hehe
ad tips cmne nk terer?hehe..baru2 nk blaja.

broken he_art said...

encik mimpi..sore anda sgt best!..hee..
adehhh..nk gtau sbnde malu..huuu..cenggini, kt umah tu ade 1 gtar..adik pnye acctly..kite nh sgt la bmnat nk blaja men gtar..prob nyer, 1 bnde hape pon kite xtau..jgn kte nk men, cord lgu pn xtau yg, nk mtk tlg la encik mimpi..kalo leh upload kn gmbr2 tgn encik mimpi tnjuk which 1 cord2 nyer..cmne nk pgang n berbagai2 lgi..kire mmg kosong trus la kite nh..klau encik mimpi leh tlg la..heee..anyway, u have a very nice voice..suke dgr..tq in advanced n hav a nice day!~~


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